Sometimes I feel like I could use a cigarette
And I don’t even smoke
But in a way it would be just a joke
To make to punctuate the way I cannot motivate
Myself to ante-up and back up all the shit I talk

So as I drag my feet and my cigarette
I’ll think about a time
When this hazy, lazy phase of mine
Will finally start to rhyme
And I’ll trap it in a song
With a melody that floats
And a backing beat that’s nice and strong

Sometimes I feel like I would rather take the bus
To get to where I’m going
And not because I trust
That I will get there any quicker than I would by car or train
When you’re counting miles then it’s really all the same

But when I close my eyes and I listen to the hum
Of all the babble in the rabble and the curses as they
Fall out of the mouths
Of all the people in their seats
It feels like maybe Stipe was right
And that the bitterness is followed by the sweet


from Home or the Oddest Endeavor, released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Danny Paul II Portland, Oregon

Arena rock from the garage.

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