Home or the Oddest Endeavor

by Danny Paul II

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released September 23, 2016

All songs written, performed, produced, and engineered by Danny Paul II.

All tracks recorded at Lents Make a Record in Portland, OR, except Prophet ‘08 synthesizer (1, 5), bass (5), and guitar overdubs (5), engineered by Matt Greco at The Rye Room in Portland, OR.

Mixed by Matt Greco at The Rye Room.

Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering, Portland, OR.

Album artwork and layout by Derek Rudy.

Matt Greco – Prophet ’08 synthesizer (1, 5)
Olivia Awbrey – Backing vocals (4)
Sam Weiss – Violin (6)

Lyrical excerpt (4) taken from “Thank You,” written by Olivia Awbrey.

Special thanks to Kiley, Brett, Mike, Jo-Don, Jackson, Nils, the Tims, Karrie, Ellie, and all of my wonderfully supportive friends and fellow musicians.



all rights reserved


Danny Paul II Portland, Oregon

Arena rock from the garage.

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Track Name: American Idolater
There are reservoirs of backwoods bars
In the shadow of a mountain with no snow
Where everyone who knows will go
To shake out their unease

Heed the rhyme, dear friend of mine
The tap is dry and all the waiters have gone home
A laurel for the effort shown
I think it’s time to leave

‘Ifs’ and ‘buts’ to kill and gut
The emboweled avowal of the final cut
So rue the day the rooster plays
A siren’s gag and the rudder reaps the tune
Track Name: Holgate
Sometimes I feel like I could use a cigarette
And I don’t even smoke
But in a way it would be just a joke
To make to punctuate the way I cannot motivate
Myself to ante-up and back up all the shit I talk

So as I drag my feet and my cigarette
I’ll think about a time
When this hazy, lazy phase of mine
Will finally start to rhyme
And I’ll trap it in a song
With a melody that floats
And a backing beat that’s nice and strong

Sometimes I feel like I would rather take the bus
To get to where I’m going
And not because I trust
That I will get there any quicker than I would by car or train
When you’re counting miles then it’s really all the same

But when I close my eyes and I listen to the hum
Of all the babble in the rabble and the curses as they
Fall out of the mouths
Of all the people in their seats
It feels like maybe Stipe was right
And that the bitterness is followed by the sweet
Track Name: Another
In another life
We were all dressed up like our mothers and fathers
In another life

In another time
We all could’ve been just a little more prepared
In another time; maybe some other time

In another place
There’s a person waiting who we’ll never get to know
In another place
There’s someone waiting who we could’ve learned to love

In another way
I know these last five years have been something of a waste
But in a better way
I feel the entry unwound and awaking on the wind

The words we did not think to say
And the one that somehow got away
Were never really right
Games we thought we should’ve played
And the ones that left when they could’ve stayed
Were never really right

Every step and every other mile
Every other world
Every second
Every other day
Every other life
Track Name: Thank You
Brittle are the branches
That bend beneath the wind outside my house
A sign of how the season
Has moved along in search of something else
A better place to sow its seeds
To plow the earth and watch the turning leaves
A kinder heart to play its part
To pull the pulse and ring the rhythm as they sing:

"No place I will ever go
Could I ever hope to meet a friend like you
Or ever grow
The tallest tree; the strongest pine
In a forest built on salt and sand
‘neath an ever-rainless sky."

Hollow is the harbor
Bereft the hull once moored along the shore
Anchors raised and cargo staged
The wharf once full is bustling no more
But tides will turn, docks will dry
And the sea is sometimes taken for the sky
As the image breaks beneath the wake
The surf will birth the earth and wave goodbye:

"No place I will ever go
Could I ever hope to meet a friend like you
Or ever grow
The tallest tree; the strongest pine
In a forest built on salt and sand
‘neath an ever-rainless sky.
And the trust that I place in you,
Sometimes it burns right through me
I’ve seen it burn you too.
And this flame, with the slightest hand,
Will never die completely.
The embers still will stand."

“I thank you for being clear.
The truth meant more than any lie ever could.
Strengthened by this break,
I ache… I ache with...”
Track Name: You Now
Song so sweet
You would sing to me
In the loft above the garage

Stories told
In a voice so frail and thin
You’re the errand; I’m a clown

And it’s even in your name
Where the vowel plants a sound to tame
The answer that remains
For you now

I would rather be
Together with my friends to see
All the world before we’re gone

But would you go alone
If the offer ever clearly shone
Cut your hair and change your tongue

It was even on your face
When the rabbit ran to set the pace
And failed to bestow its grace
On you now

So leave your lovers by the bay
Overseas, and in an early grave
More are sure to find their way
To you now